CAIS Butterfly Valley

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Our Vision

We envision a library which excels in its provision of resources to meet the academic, spiritual, and recreational needs of our school community. We aim to have a library which is a hub of information and inspiration for both the Alberta and the IBDP programmes. Our students will leave us with a passion for lifelong learning, fully equipped with skills, knowledge, and dispositions to prepare them for the future, and a heart for service to humanity in love for God.

Our Mission

To promote and encourage literacy skills in every student in order to successfully access the curriculum and reading all reading materials

To meet the information and literacy needs of the CAIS community

To prepare students with the competencies to be successful and responsible global citizens in the 21st century

Parent Information

Wednesday and Friday after school circulation services: The library is open for primary students accompanied by parents and guardians on Wednesdays and Fridays after school until 4:30 pm for circulation. Parents, please supervise your own primary-aged children in the library. The library staff provides circulation services only. Primary students may borrow two extra books with their parents.

Library Hours & Lending

At Christian Alliance International School, the library plays a pivotal role in the teaching and learning that takes place. We provide a wide range of resources intended to promote students’ love of reading and to motivate them to become independent in their own learning. Our aim is to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing technological, social and economic environment and to develop a desire to become lifelong learners. In order to achieve this, we are constantly updating our collection, catering to the various needs and interests of our students. With the constant progression of technology, we seek to provide an environment where students are taught the necessary skills to become literate in information technology and to become responsible digital citizens.

Students are able to access the library at various times throughout the day.

Library hours:

Monday to Friday

7:30am to 5:30pm

Borrowing Procedure

Prep-G.6: Students present their library card (held in the library) to borrow books

G.7 - 12: Students present their student card and books to the circulation desk

Borrowing Quota:

Prep-G.6: 3 English and 2 Chinese

G.7-G.12: 4 English and 2 Chinese

*Overdue fines (G4 and up): The overdue fine is HKD1 per school day for each item. In order to minimize overdue fine, students may come by the library at any time during the school day to return their books. They do not need to wait for their next library lesson.

Library Policy

General loan rules:

  • Loan period: Two weeks or 10 school days
  • Book return: Students return books to the circulation desk by the due date.
  • Renewal: Students may renew their library books on the library website once before the due date. Contact the library team for renewal if needed.
  • Overdue fines (G4 and up): The overdue fine is HKD1 per school day for each item.
  • Damaged or lost books: If a book is damaged or lost, the student is required to pay for the replacement, shipping and handling costs involved.

Specific loan rules:

  • Popular series: A student may check out 1 book from a popular series at a time e.g., Minecraft, Lego, Pokemon
  • Audiobooks: 3-12 students may borrow one audiobook at a time for two cycles. Students need to use their own AAA battery and earphones. Students need to return the audiobook case (orange), Playaway machine and the battery door (i.e., cover). It will count as 1 English book borrowing quota.
  • Senior Fiction: For high school students only. Upper primary students need to get their homeroom teacher or parent’s permission before borrowing books from the Senior Fiction collection. An email from the homeroom teacher or parents to the librarian is required for UP students to borrow books from the Senior Fiction collection.