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Accelerated Reader Program
(United States)

One of the main features of the CAIS Library is to promote student literacy, and one of the main tools used for this is the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program. AR is a reading assessment program that motivates students to read by tracking their achievement and awarding points for progress made. Students read books of their choice, at their own levels (Guided Readers) and at their own speeds and then take computerized quizzes based on these books. AR provides students with instant information and reinforcement on their reading levels. Students receive points for these quizzes, which are added to their reading record, and which can be converted into fun prizes.

AR provided service to different places all over the world, so there are different lists of AR books. CAIS uses the service provided by AR (United States), please make sure that you use the correct list of AR books if you are not using the link below to find AR books other than CAIS Catalogue.

To find out whether or not your book is part of the AR Program, please visit this resource:

AR Book Finder
How to find an AR Book in CAIS catalogue

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